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The Meaning Behind the Name and The Reason for Control And Power (C & P) Strategy:

If you read about Domestic Violence, all of the information you'll see starts by talking about the two main aspects... Power and Control.
Now, what if there was a way to flip this around? What if there was a way for someone being harassed or stalked to take back control? What if your child is being bullied in school and no one is doing anything to protect him/her? What if you're being investigated by Child Protective Services and you need to know how to keep control (what to do or say)? Or, if you or someone you know has children involved in the Foster Care system and you need to take the fight back to them? Or, if you feel helpless by the endless waiting to Foster or Adopt children?
Well... this is the reason for Control and Power Strategy. We help reverse who has the Power and who has Control. So, that you, your child, or your family take back control of your lives. That's why our name is the reverse of the words used to describe someone else being in control, and not you. That's why we're Control and Power Strategy!


C & P Strategy
can Help You

Control and Power (C & P) Strategy is a consulting service that will help you, every step along the way, so that you are in control of your situation.

  • We can create a plan so that you know how you want to approach the issue.

  • Or, we can stay with you on the phone or video-chat to help guide you.

  • Or, we can even go on-site (your home, a meeting location, a school, a precinct, a conference location, etc.) and walk you through whatever it may be, while making sure you are the one who stays in control.​

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