About the Founder of C & P Strategy

Hey... my name is Will and I'm the President and Founder of Control and Power (C & P) Strategy. I help people and families take back control of their- rather, your life.
I am able to 
help you, because I've worked as a Child Protective Specialist/Investigator (aka Caseworker) for Child Protective Services of NYC, for over thirteen years. Since 2007, I've had many different assignments. I've worked with all levels of criminal law enforcement and with many different types of professionals. All of my work experiences showed me that there's a need for the services offered by Control and Power Strategy, and that's why I'm doing this. I want you to feel confident knowing how to approach any situation C & P Strategy provides, without relying on someone else who doesn't have your best interests  at heart. That's the first step in taking back Control!


  • Sex Abuse trainings

  • Domestic Violence trainings

  • Substance Abuse trainings

  • Mental Health trainings

  • Child Abuse and Neglect trainings

  • Human and Sex Trafficking trainings


  • Worked with schools to help bullied children get the protections they need and to feel safe in school

  • Worked with Law Enforcement to help survivors of Domestic Violence get their needs met

  • Worked with hospitals to treat sex abuse survivors concerns seriously and with respect